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            Vocabulary and Structure


            1. Tom arrived at the office and discovered that he had _______ his door key.

            A. lent

            B. borrowed

            C. lost

            D. no

            2. The beautiful scene left a deep _______ on the foreign visitors.

            A. thought

            B. idea

            C. thinking

            D. impression

            3. The room is a little small; _______ it is so hot.

            A. in addition

            B. in addition to

            C. additional

            D. adding

            4. I wish I ______ her address yesterday.

            A. know

            B. had known

            C. would known

            D. knew

            5. It ______ yesterday. The ground is still wet now.

            A. must have rained

            B. was raining

            C. rained

            D. had rained

            6. If you will do that, please take me into ________.

            A. think

            B. thinking

            C. thought

            D. account

            7. My pen has _______ ink.

            A. run out of

            B. a few

            C. run away

            D. no little

            8. There are, of course, bad teachers as well as ________.

            A. good one

            B. some good

            C. good ones

            D. those good

            9. “______ haste, the less speed” is good advice he often gives us.

            A. More

            B. The more

            C. The morer

            D. Morer

            10. You do look _______. You are not at all like a person who has been ill in bed for years.

            A. good

            B. well

            C. sad

            D. disappointed


            1.C 2.D 3.A 4.B 5.A 6.D 7.A 8.C 9.B 10.B


            1. Some people like to eat apples. But some prefer bananas _______ apples.

            A. to

            B. for

            C. with

            D. against

            2. I _______ here two years ago.

            A. moved to

            B. have moved

            C. have moved to

            D. moved

            3. He is _______ strong a man ________ he can lift ten stones like this one.

            A. such…so

            B. so…that

            C. such a …that

            D. so a …for

            4. It _______ they who lent me the television.

            A. was

            B. is

            C. were

            D. are

            5. A famous Canadian doctor expressed the value of hobbies by saying, “______ man is really happy without a hobby.”

            A. Not

            B. Without

            C. No

            D. None

            6. _______ as he is, he can‘t understand the English film.

            A. A student of English

            B. Though a student of English

            C. Student of English

            D. Being a student of English

            7. The old in the country _______ taken good care of.

            A. have

            B. has

            C. is

            D. are

            8. Not a single mistake _______ in the test.

            A. he made

            B. did he make

            C. he has made

            D. made he

            9. ______ my surprise, I got a high grade in this test.

            A. For

            B. To

            C. To be

            D. On

            10. She never agree _______ you, did she?

            A. to

            B. with

            C. in

            D. at


            1.A 2.D 3.B 4.A 5.C 6.C 7.D 8.B 9.B 10.B


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